Why Choose Norris Arm for Your Business? A Community Where Opportunity Meets Lifestyle.

Strategic Location:

Nestled along the shores of beautiful Norris Arm, our town is just 30 minutes from the bustling centers of Grand Falls-Windsor to the West and Gander to the East. Accessible via several major exits from the Trans-Canada Highway, Norris Arm is perfectly situated—close to central Newfoundland’s biggest hubs, yet far enough to enjoy the serenity of waterfront living.


Untapped Market Potential:

As an emerging gem in central Newfoundland, Norris Arm presents unique and immensely profitable business opportunities. Here, businesses have the chance to establish market leadership and serve a region that is ripe for innovation and growth, without the saturation of competition.


Supportive Business Environment:

Norris Arm boasts a proactive, business-friendly local government that understands the value of a strong private sector. We offer incentives, resources, and support to ensure your business doesn’t just survive—it thrives.


Quality of Life:

In Norris Arm, we offer more than just a place to do business. We offer a lifestyle. From our lush pine lands and tranquil waterfront to our close-knit, welcoming community, life in Norris Arm is as enriching as it is peaceful.


Rich Heritage & Tourism Appeal:

Our town, founded on the pillars of Newfoundland’s logging, railway, shipbuilding, and aviation industries, is not just a place of historical significance—it’s also a growing tourism destination. The beauty and history of Norris Arm are undeniable, and businesses—especially those in the tourism and service sectors—stand to benefit from the increasing number of visitors drawn to our shores.


A Growing, Eager Workforce:

With a growing population that values community and hard work, your business will have access to a dedicated, local workforce that takes pride in contributing to Norris Arm’s success.


Infrastructure & Accessibility:

We’re investing in modern, robust infrastructure to make running your business as smooth as possible, and our proximity to the province’s main transportation artery means logistics won’t be a hurdle.


In Norris Arm, your business isn’t just a building—it’s a vital part of a living, thriving community. Here, opportunity and lifestyle aren’t a trade-off; they are harmoniously intertwined, making Norris Arm the ideal place to grow your business while enjoying a quality of life that is second to none.

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