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A quaint gem nestled in the heart of Newfoundland, Norris Arm is a harmonious blend of nature's charm and communal spirit. Here, every day unfolds a new story against the backdrop of breathtaking sunsets.

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Norris Arm - The Heartbeat of Today​

Norris Arm is more than a town; it’s a vibrant community that thrives on togetherness. From spirited community events to tranquil nature walks, our town pulses with life. Join us in celebrating the present as we build on the legacy of our past.

A brief history of our town...

exploits river map 1811

Late 1800s

Shipbuilding was one of the first known industries in Norris Arm many years ago. History tells us that there were two shipbuilding companies – The Norris Arm Shipbuilding Co. and a company based at Rattling Brook.

Due to the large amounts of pine in the Central Newfoundland area, Norris Arm became the ideal location for many lumbermen in the late 1800s. There was an increasing demand for pine and many of its uses involved shipbuilding, export, railway construction and to aid with the Great Fire of 1892 (St. John’s, NL). New Land Lumber Co., later known as Central Forest, was the first commercial sawmill owner in the town. This steam-powered mill attracted settlers from different parts of Notre Dame Bay.


Construction of the railway started in the early 1890s. Its purpose was to provide access to remote communities and inland resources for export. For a brief period, Norris Arm was the only area in Notre Dame Bay reached by the railway. The town served as a transportation link for both passengers and freight to be carried to other accessible parts of the Island. The railway provided many jobs, attracting people from other communities to relocate; as a result, Norris Arm’s population and business increased. The railway was a major factor of the town’s growth and prosperity.


Many Norris Arm men and women served in World War I or World War II because of their courage and conviction; consequently, lives were lost. A cenotaph has been erected in our town to pay tribute to these brave soldiers and serves as a reminder of the character these people showed by fighting for their country.


In the early 1930s, Norris Arm was chosen as the location for aircraft to refuel, mainly because of its easy access to the railway line and sheltered area. The decision to build a hangar was made when two seaplanes, moored off the beach, were damaged in a storm. The Foxmoth and the Fairchild were two of the planes housed at the hangar.

lumber camp

Tracing Back the Roots

Norris Arm has evolved through time, embracing change while staying true to its rich heritage. Our history is a tapestry woven with tales of resilience, community spirit, and an unwavering love for the land. Discover the stories that have shaped our identity.

Behind Our Emblem

Every curve, color, and element of our logo holds a story, symbolizing the core of Norris Arm's essence. Delve into the meanings embedded within our emblem, a true reflection of our spirit and ethos.

Norris Arm Town Logo

The Town's official logo features a red circular ring outlined in gold, symbolizing unity and strength.


A jumping salmon over a river in blue represents vitality and liveliness.

Green Hills

Two green hills signify the Town's landscapes and rich environment.

White Sky

A serene white sky reflecting peace and harmony.

Rediscovering Beothuk Roots

As we celebrate Norris Arm’s past and present, it’s essential to acknowledge the deep historical roots of this land. The area where Norris Arm now thrives was once home to the Beothuk people, an indigenous community with a rich cultural heritage.


For centuries, the Beothuk lived in harmony with the land, leaving behind their mark through tools, art, and traditions. As we stand upon this reclaimed Beothuk land, we honor their legacy and recognize their enduring presence in the fabric of our history.


In collaboration with local indigenous communities, Norris Arm continues to foster understanding and respect for the original inhabitants of this land. By learning from the past, we shape a more inclusive and harmonious future for all who call Norris Arm home.

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