Norris Arm: Fostering Growth & Prosperity

A town on the rise, cultivating a balanced blend of industrial, residential, and commercial development.

A Rich Legacy, A Bright Future in Norris Arm

In Norris Arm, a welcoming community of 800 residents, we are bridging our industrious past with a future of opportunity and sustainability. While our town may be small, our aspirations for industrial development are as expansive as the stunning natural landscapes that surround us.

Situated just 30 minutes from Grand Falls to the West and 30 minutes from Gander to the East, Norris Arm is a strategic base for industry. With several visible major exits from the Trans-Canada Highway—Newfoundland’s primary transportation artery—our town is exceptionally accessible, blending convenience with tranquility.

We honor our foundation, built on the history of logging and sawmills, railway, shipbuilding, and aviation industries. These roots continue to fuel our vision for the future, and today, Norris Arm stands poised to welcome a new generation of industrial pioneers.

While we may not have a massive industrial sector at present, we are steadfast in our belief in Norris Arm’s innate promise for industrial success. Our commitment to fostering an environment where businesses can not only grow, but thrive, is stronger than ever.

We offer available land, a supportive local government, and a community eager to roll up its sleeves and contribute to our town’s re-energized industrial story. Here, innovation meets heritage, creating a distinctive and promising setting for industrial development—one that harmoniously weaves profitability with our community’s values and quality of life.

In Norris Arm, we are ready to power the future of industry while cherishing the legacy that brought us here. Become part of this exciting journey towards sustainable, meaningful, and prosperous industrial growth.

Unlock the Potential of Norris Arm's Strategic Location

In Norris Arm, a charming community of 800 residents, we are extending a warm invitation for private land development that harmonizes with our vision for sustainable growth. Here, you’re not simply investing in land; you’re becoming a vital part of our close-knit and emerging local economy.

Our town is strategically nestled between two key Newfoundland hubs, just 30 minutes from Grand Falls to the West and 30 minutes from Gander to the East. With several major, visible exits directly from the Trans-Canada Highway—our province’s main transportation artery—access to Norris Arm is both convenient and inviting.

This uncut gem of Central Newfoundland is not only a promising commercial frontier but also a massively desirable tourism destination. Picture it: a serene hideaway surrounded by dense pine lands and set on the water’s edge, Norris Arm is a haven for those seeking peace, quiet, and natural beauty, all while offering entrepreneurs an opportunity to turn this abundant charm into profitable ventures.

Take advantage of our strategic location to establish a market presence in a region that is ripe with opportunity and unsaturated with competition. Be it creating a unique retail experience, pioneering a new service industry, or launching a quaint bed-and-breakfast or dining establishment—Norris Arm offers the ideal backdrop and supportive infrastructure for businesses to not only grow, but to thrive remarkably.

In Norris Arm, we aren’t just offering land; we’re offering a golden opportunity to be part of a burgeoning tourism destination and a community that is eager to support and welcome your vision.

Here, you can be a trailblazer in a town poised for thoughtful, sustainable growth and commercial brilliance.

Your Peaceful Retreat, Our Close-Knit Community

Nestled amidst dense pine lands and set along the serene water’s edge, Norris Arm is more than a town — it’s a community where neighbors become family. Our town of 800 residents is a charming and tranquil place to call home, making it a perfect locale for private residential development.

Here in Norris Arm, we prioritize quality of life, balancing the timeless beauty of nature with the comforts of modern living. Whether it’s a morning greeting from a neighbor or the simple tranquility of a lakeside stroll, life in Norris Arm is a blend of warmth, peace, and community spirit that is unmatched.

What’s more, we’re conveniently located—just 30 minutes from Grand Falls to the West and 30 minutes from Gander to the East. This prime position allows our residents to enjoy close access to central Newfoundland’s major population hubs, making it easy to indulge in prominent amenities and shopping experiences while still being able to return to the quiet and beauty of Norris Arm.

With the promise of a peaceful life that’s closely connected to both nature and convenient urban amenities, building your dream home in Norris Arm isn’t just about setting down roots—it’s about becoming part of our family.

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